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GESVIP is the code name of the project entitled «Efficient and safe management of micro-networks for the integration of renewable energies in homes using predictive control techniques». This project is funded by the «Proyectos I+D+i FEDER Andalucía 2014-2020» and its budget is 90k eur. Prof. Bordons and Assoc. Prof. Maestre are the principal investigators of the […]

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This project has been funded by the European Research Council and is led by prof. Camacho, with professors Carlos Bordons and Miguel Angel Ridao, and Assoc. Prof. Maestre as supporting researchers in the proposal. Also, 3 postdocs and 9 PhD students will be hired to carry out the different tasks. The budget of the project is […]

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Project C3PO

Coalitional Control for Cyber-Physical system Optimization (C3PO) is a project led by Assoc. Prof. Maestre and funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (project ref. DPI2017-86918-R), to be developed between 01-01-2018 and 31-12-2020.  Nowadays, one of the most challenging problems in this field is how to handle the integration and interaction between different […]

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