GESVIP is the code name of the project entitled «Efficient and safe management of micro-networks for the integration of renewable energies in homes using predictive control techniques». This project is funded by the «Proyectos I+D+i FEDER Andalucía 2014-2020» and its budget is 90k eur. Prof. Bordons and Assoc. Prof. Maestre are the principal investigators of the project, which have to be developed between 01-02-2020 and 31-01-2022. 

GESVIP focuses on the efficient and safe management of energy at the microgrid level (set of loads, generators and storage systems that can be managed in a coordinated manner to operate in isolation or connected to the power grid). In particular, it is intended to optimize the generation, storage and consumption of energy within homes and buildings with integration of renewable energy and taking into account the particularity of existing loads. The project will propose various control solutions based on the Predictive Control (MPC) framework to efficiently and safely manage the operation of micro-networks integrated into buildings.

In summary, it is intended to develop predictive controllers that explicitly handle the stochastic nature of demand and allow the formation of controller coalitions with cybersecurity and fault tolerance capabilities. This proposal is a natural continuation of previous work of the group, where results have already been produced in lines of research such as optimization of energy management in microgrids, renewable energies, interconnection of microgrids and in areas related to the digital home.

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