21st IFAC World Congress

21st IFAC World Congress

Berlin, Germany
12 Jul 2020

Dr. Maestre will give a talk on Data Based Distributed Model Predictive Control at the IFAC Workshop on Game Theory and Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems, organized by Tansu Alpcan, Tamer Basar,  Quanyan Zhu, and himself.

Also, he is one of the organizers of the Open Invited Track on Predictive Control of Large-Scale Water Systems, which was proposed in cooperation with Eric Duviella, Laurent Lefevre, and Carlos Ocampo-Martinez.

Finally, the following papers were accepted at the conference and will be presented by members of our team:

  • Eva Masero Rubio, J. M. Maestre, Mario Francisco, Eduardo F. Camacho
    Coalitional MPC with predicted topology transitions
  • Francisco López Rodríguez, J. M. Maestre, Francisco Javier Muros, Eduardo F. Camacho
    A Modular Feedback Approach for Distributed Control  
  • Francisco Javier Muros, J. M. Maestre
    An LMI-Based Approach for Semivalues Constraints in Coalitional Feedback Control
  • Paula Chanfreut, J. M. Maestre, Quanyan Zhu, Eduardo F. Camacho
    No-Regret Learning for Coalitional Model Predictive Control  
  • Daniel Saracho, Francisco Javier Muros, J. M. Maestre
    Efficient Design of Fault Detection Architectures for Power Networks by Using Game Theory
  • Paul Trodden, J. M. Maestre, Hideaki Ishii
    Actuation attacks on constrained linear systems: a set-theoretic analysis
  • Hadger Gedachi, Paula Chanfreut, J. M. Maestre
    A nonlinear distributed model predictive scheme for systems based on Hammerstein model  
  • Paula Chanfreut, Twan Keijzer, Riccardo M.G. Ferrari, J. M. Maestre
    A Topology-Switching Coalitional Control and Observation Scheme with Stability Guarantees
  • Carmen Amo Alonso, Dimitar Ho, J. M. Maestre
    Distributed Linear Quadratic Regulator Robust toCommunication Dropouts

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