Prof. Maestre is the youngest full Prof. in one of Spain’s leading automation departments

The research performed by Prof. Maestre is focused mainly on flexible cooperation mechanisms for heterogeneous interactive agents and systems with possibly conflicting goals, typically within the model predictive control framework. In this regard, he has developed multiple algorithms for non-centralized model predictive control architectures, analyzing the impact of these schemes on issues such as stability, robustness, and cybersecurity, and also considering cases where some of these agents are human beings and robots. From a theoretical viewpoint, this research line is encompassed in the border between partially overlapping areas as game theory and control. Applications where some of the methods developed have been tested and/or marketed are irrigation canals, smart grids, and the integration of service robots in the smart home. Likewise, he has carried out some projects in cooperation with hospitals to help them implement predictive control for stock management in their pharmacy departments. 

Flexible cooperation methods

Interactive decision making problems are everywhere in the hyper-connected world. Automatic negotiation algorithms will improve our lives.

Smart home and service robots

Technology is pervasive and our homes are full of appliances, robots, and other devices that can provide better service if they can work together.

Smart grids

Opportunities await in future power grids, characterized by prosumers, renewable power generation, smart homes, and electric vehicles.

Water systems

70% of the world’s freshwater is used in agriculture, and half is wasted due to poor management. Better control is a must to improve sustainability.

Grants and projects obtained by Dr. Maestre:

  • 2020 ~ 2021: AQUACOLLECT H2020 Enhancement, project funded by the «Proyectos I+D+i FEDER Andalucía 2014-2020» (ref. P-18-HO-4713). 
  • 2020 ~ 2022: Efficient and safe management of micro-networks for the integration of renewable energies in homes using predictive control techniques, project funded by the «Proyectos I+D+i FEDER Andalucía 2014-2020» (ref. US-1265917). 
  • 2018 ~ 2020:   Coalitional Control for Cyber-Physical system Optimization (C3PO) , project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (ref. DPI2017-86918-R).
  • 2017 ~ 2018: Cyber Secure Distributed Model Predictive Control Schemes, fellowship funded by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (PE16048). 
  • 2015 ~ 2016: Smart cooking device Eskesso, funded by the EU program FIware, in cooperation with the firms UEG Mobile y Domonova.
  • 2013 ~ 2016: Pharmacontrol, project funded by the Andalusian Government (ref. P12-TIC-2400). 
  • 2011: Digital Home Compliant  II (DH-COMPLIANT), project funded by Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Turismo, and Commerce, in cooperation with the firm Idener.
  • 2010: Incentives for technology transfer to firms: Idener (co-founder).
  • 2006 ~ 2010: University Professor Training Program (FPU), pre-doctoral fellowship funded by Spain’s Ministry of Education (ref. AP2005-3421). 

Grants and projects where Dr. Maestre is or has been involved:  

  • 2018 ~ 2023: OCONTSOLAR, project funded by the European Research Council (ref. SI-1838/24/2018). 
  • 2016 ~ 2019:  Improving Efficiency and Operational Range in Low-Power Unmmanned Vehicles Throug the Use of Hybrid Fuel-Cell-Power Systems, funded by EU (ref. SFPP-985079).
  • 2015 ~ 2019: Almacenamiento y Gestión de Energías Renovables en Aplicaciones Comerciales y Residenciales – AGERAR, funded by EU (ref. 0076_AGERAR_6_E).
  • 2014 ~ 2017: Control Predictivo de Sistemas Energéticos Distribuidos con Fuentes Renovables y Almacenamiento Estacionario y Móvil, funded by Spain’s Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (ref. DPI2013-46912-C2-1-R).
  • 2014 ~ 2016: Dynamic Management of Physically Coupled Systems of Systems (DYMASOS), funded by EU VII Framework Program (ref. FP7-ICT-ICT-2013.3.4-611281).
  • 2013 ~ 2017: Gestión Óptima de Edificios de Energía Cero, funded by the Andalusian Government (ref. P11-TEP-8129). 
  • 2011 ~ 2015: Técnicas de Control Predictivo para la Gestión Eficiente de Micro-Redes de Energías Renovables (POWER), funded by Spain’s Ministry of Science and Technology (ref. DPI2010-21589-C05-01). 
  • 2010 ~ 2014: Hyghly-Complex and Networked Control Systems (HYCON2), funded by EU  VII Framework Program (ref. FP7-ICT-2009-5-257462).
  • 2009 ~ 2011: Digital Home Compliant (DH-COMPLIANT), funded by Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Turism and Commerce (ref. TSI-020100-2009-359). 
  • 2009 ~ 2015: Control Predictive en Red, project funded by Spain’s Ministry of Education (DPI2008-05818).
  • 2008 ~ 2011: Hierarchical and Distributed Model Predictive Control of Large Scale Systems (HD-MPC), funded by EU VII Framework Program (Grant agreement ID: 223854).
  • 2008 ~ 2011:  Feedback Design for Wireless Networked Systems (FeedNetBack) , funded by EU VII Framework Program (ref. 223866).
  • 2008 ~ 2011: Control y Optimización de Sistemas Híbridos de Energías Renovables, funded by Andalusian Regional Government (ref. P07-TEP-02720). 
  • 2007 ~ 2010: Control Predictivo de Procesos Interconectados con Modos de Operación Diversos (PRINMODI), funded by Spain’s Ministry of Science (ref. DPI2007-66718-C04-01). 
  • 2007 ~ 2009: Control Predictivo Hibrido de Sistemas de Refrigeracion Solar, funded by Andalusian Regional Government (ref. EXC/2005/TEP-745).
  • 2005 ~ 2008: Hybrid Control: Taming Heterogeneity and Complexity of Networked Embedded Systems (HYCON), funded by EU VI Framework Program Marco de la Unión Europea (ref. FP6-511368).